Twickenham Garden

A simple contemporary design provides a family friendly garden.

The view out onto this contemporary garden, shows the clean, lines of the geometric design.
The view out onto this contemporary garden, shows the clean, lines of the geometric design.
Stage 1

The Brief

The brief for this modern, formal garden was to encompass a large entertaining space, lawn, seating areas, low maintenance planting and a hidden shed. The only feature retained as part of the overall design, was a Lilac tree positioned towards the back of the garden.

Stage 2

Design and Build

The Lilac tree became a key focal point, around which the strong geometry of the design was formed. A priority was to improve the view of a large imposing building at the end of the garden, we overcame this by rendering the wall and painting it a soft greyish purple that would highlight the feature tree and recede into the garden.

Stepping-stones, seating and planting beds are carefully staggered through the garden to create interest and a ‘zigzag’ effect that draws the eye and engages.

Three rendered benches with hardwood details, become a design feature.The hardwood timber trellis hides the shed at the rear.
Three rendered benches with hardwood details, become a design feature.The hardwood timber trellis hides the shed at the rear.
An overview of the garden showing the feature lilac tree that is visually linked to the house via the staggered stepping-stones.
A wide view from the first floor of this house in Twickenham, South London, shows the whole garden with the lawn separating two seating areas and some staggered benches. The stepping stones through are the link tying in the whole design.
Stage 3

Finished Project

Throughout this delightful garden, the colours used are very much a reflection of the interior, a soft palette of purple, magenta and buff grey. This was particularly emphasized in the planting of deep purple Heuchera, Phormium 'Sundowner', Penstemon 'Sour Grapes' and Verbena bonariensis to name a few, with the emphasis on white and cream planting against the rear purple wall. The overall effect is of a contemporary garden with a strong geometry that is softened through skilful planting.

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Sandstone stepping stones through the lawn lead to a second paved area with some built in benches. The lilac, Syringa vulgaris, is the focal point of view from this Twickenham garden and from the decking where a large family table sits.
View of the Twickenham garden from the kitchen, just before the dinning area. The hardwood timber patio is bordered by a channel of pebbles before a white rendered wall.
The colour palette is a vivd mix of fresh green, white and red flowers, creating a lot of contrasts in a garden full of life. The purple rendered wall softens the background, creating a nice backdrop to an existing lilac.
Lovely sunset light in the Twickenham garden, where the Gaura lindheimeiri, Stipa tenuissima and Verbena bonariensis are dancing above the lawn.
A nice shady corner under the lilac, Syringa vulgaris’ to enjoy the rest of the garden from the sandstone paved area.
The soft purple rendered wall is offset by all the flowers in bloom in this Twickenham garden.
A multistem Amelanchier in a sunny corner breaks up the space between the deck and the lawn, creating some nice shadows on the rendered wall and trellis. It is underplanted with Penstemon ‘Garnet’, Phormium tenax, and some white daisies Erigeron karvinskianus.
A step down in the wall follows the sandstone stepping stones to the rear of this Twickenham garden. Some red and white flowers border the garden on both sides, hiding the rendered wall and timber trellis.
The main feature of this Twickenham garden is an old existing lilac tree, Syringa vulgaris, against a purple rendered wall. The eye is attracted to this strong focal point.
Close-up of the planting in this Twickenham garden, South London, with a purple Acer palmatum ‘Atropurpureum’, Phormium tenax, Verbena bonariensis, Penstemon ‘Garnet’, Heuchera ‘Purple Palace’ and some low daisies, Erigeron karvinskianus.
The herbaceous mixed borders grow taller than the built in benches, impressive when in flower, especially in Spring and Summer in this West London garden.
Three built in benches are positioned to offer seating whilst separating the spaces. The hardwood seats compliment the white rendered structures, using the same materials  on the walls and floor in the rest of the garden.
A sandstone paved area at the back of the garden offers different opportunities to enjoy the sun in this Twickenham garden, facing the modern house and big open windows. The built in timber benches and scattered cushions are comfortably positioned within the lawn, near the mixed borders.
View of the Twickenham garden before London Garden Designer worked on the design and landscaping.
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Photos by Marianne Majerus