Country Estate Garden

An extensive plot on the Wentworth Estate is transformed into a formal garden that echoes the Palladian style architecture of the house

One of London Garden Designers hand drawn sketches, to explain the design concept to the client.
One of London Garden Designers hand drawn sketches, to explain the design concept to the client.
Stage 1

The Brief

This project was for a private client, who was knocking down a modest existing house on the Wentworth estate and completely rebuilding it. Our brief was relatively open but with the inclusion of some statuary that the client had already purchased. We were also asked to consider how we might detract form the noise of the nearby A30 road traffic.

Stage 2

Design and Build

The intention was to create a garden that reflected the elegance and sophistication of Palladian Style Architecture of the new house. We took references from classical Renaissance gardens but added a contemporary twist with strong underlying geometry. The use of false perspective was often employed in Renaissance gardens to trick the eye into believing the garden was even bigger.

Statuary, gazebos, terracing, areas of shade, hidden seating and especially water and fountains were all part of this movement. We have tried to incorporate all these elements into the garden using false perspective for the central avenue of trees, leading to the focal urn in the centre.

One of London Garden Designer original design sketches, hand drawing, to explain the concept to the client of this country garden.
One of London Garden Designer original design sketches, hand drawing, to explain the concept to the client of this country garden.
A wide angle view looking back to the house
A wide angle view looking back to the house
Stage 3

Finished Project

We created different Plateaus to accommodate the topography of the site, making the design practical as well as dramatic taking into consideration views from the house and access points. The Pagoda stands at the highest point on the garden, emphasized by the sculpted landforms that wrap around its base. It is surrounded by a water moat, which has jets of water providing a dramatic vertical impact.

This water is then linked via a cascading rill down to the lower terrace and is then picked up on the opposite side of the garden Here in the centre of an ornamental par-terre, with a long wide rill, water pours via 3 spouts down to the lower patio, thereby linking all 3 water features together and unifying the whole garden. The sound of the water provides the much need distraction from the road noise.

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View towards this country house and garden, from the sandstone paving, where a water feature bowl is installed next to an iron sculpture bird. The cherry trees are underplanted with some white Allium.
Some white alliums, Allium ‘Mount Evereste’ and Allium ‘Mont Blanc’ are in full bloom late spring, bringing some flowers to this country garden. The planting scheme is mainly greens and whites, with a few dots of colours.
The pavilion has been built on the top of a hill, overlooking the cascade and water feature stepping down along a low evergreen hedge. Some cherry trees frame the view, underplanted with some white alliums in this countryside garden and house.
The designed pavilion is standing on the top of the hill, surrounded by low box hedges. A water feature, cascade, runs along the steps to a feature bowl, creating a lovely constant sound. Lower, on the lawn, stands an iron firebowl in this country garden.
Some maple trees, Acer rub rum are planted in the lawn, following a dynamic perspective, to frame a sculpture on its pedestal. This feature is a strong focal point to enjoy from the house in this country garden.
In spring, this country garden looks lush, with a big lawn planted with healthy maple trees. Some sandstone steps give access to the upper garden, retained by stone clad walls. At the back, a tall yew hedge provides separation from the forest entering the space.
A view from the side passage, near the detailed gates, shows the retaining walls and sandstone paving leading to the garden. In the background, a lush and dense forest encloses the garden, offering good privacy in this country garden.
Acer rubrum ‘October Glory, Mischanthus ‘Ferner Ostern’,  Verbena bonariensis, Anemanthele lessoniana are key plants in this planting scheme, illuminating this countryside garden at various seasons. The autumn colours are spectacular.
An iron sculpture of a bird stands in the flower bed, surrounded by grasses, Miscanthus sinensis, and Verbena bonariensis, in front of a stone clad retaining wall. In the distance, the maple trees, Acer rubrum ‘October Glory ‘, are a vibrant red.
The white alliums are in full flower, catching the light, above the planting beds. The cherry trees frame the path leading to the water feature bowl and a sculptural bird. In the lawn, some steps made of sandstone paving have been built by the landscapers in this countryside garden.
A second water feature is situated on the corner of the sandstone terrace, in full sun. The water cascades down to a basin, where some sculptures are installed. The beige rendered wall is softened by some herbaceous planting and grasses such as Miscanthus sinensis.
Close up of the bespoke pavilion, showing the arches and the steps down, with the water cascading to a feature bowl. An iron heron is standing in the lawn, behind a low evergreen hedge in this country garden.
In the background, the dense forest is the perfect backdrop to a well maintained country garden. The clipped yew hedge at the back limits the property, whilst the stunning oak trees do their show, wearing autumn colours for a few weeks in this country garden.
Hand drawn plan, general layout, masterplan, has been presented to the client to explain the design by London Garden Designer for this country garden.
The country garden  before the landscaping work started. The groundworks are taking place whilst the house is built from a bare plot.
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Photos by Marianne Majerus